Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sexy Peel Soap from LUSH!!!

First of all, lets talk about the fact that I have never used a single Lush product up until this point. I am not much of a bath person so when my husband went to Vegas and stopped into a Lush store we had decided on just soaps since we are more of the shower types. I gave him a list of products that I felt "sounded" like something I would enjoy the scent of. When he brought home that crinkly little deli style bag full of soaps it was intoxicating! I immediately wrapped them in Saran wrap and stuck them in our pretty little basket of soaps in our restroom. If anything...these soaps make wonderful air fresheners. lol! The first soap I decided to try was Sexy Peel. I thought it would be a great choice since it's the end of summer. This soap smells so incredibly yummy that I even snuck a little lick to see if it actually tasted like fresh lemons. (Weirdo This is a golden yellow soap infused with natural lemon, lime, and citrus scents. It contains real rhines from different citrus fruits which really makes for an interesting shower.

EVERY Time I took a shower our entire second story smelled like lemon zest. It was great! The texture of the soap however was really odd. Citrus rhines actually fall out of the soap while you shower which is a little weird and slimy, but not to irritating. I didn't feel like this soap left my skin smelling like the lovely citrus scent at all. From the strong scent in the shower I was expecting this soap scent to linger on my skin all day. My Lust bubble was shattered when I stepped out of the shower and realized that this couldn't be farther from the truth. The soap seemed to be done and gone freakishly fast too. It lasted my husband and I probably a whopping two weeks. Drugstore soap can usually last us a full month per bar. The lather on this soap wasn't anything spectacular and I didn't feel like my skin had been amazingly moisturized either. BUT....Yes everyone...there is a HUGE BUT. lol! I suffer from mild eczema and have occasional breakouts of bumps on my elbows and triceps area. Recently I had a breakout and I had been slathering Cortisone cream on it along with exfoliating and had no luck. So, Even though this soap only survived for 2 weeks in our shower, after a week and a half I came to the huge realization that my arms were SMOOTH! I was washing my arms and didn't feel a single bump. Since citric acids are natural exfoliates and these soaps are handmade and fresh, the ingredients literally wiped away my eczema breakout. This was the only change I had made in my regimen. I hadn't even been using my creams anymore because I had just given up on it. Here are my stats:

Smell: A +
Appearance: B
Texture: B
Lather: B-
Clean feeling after shower:B
Moisturizing: C
Skin benefits: A+
Good for shaving: D-
Repurchase item: A+

I would definitely repurchase this soap in a heartbeat even if it does come with a bit of a pricey price tag because it took away those pesky little bumps on my arms that can ruin any woman's tank top wearing days. Now onto the next soap in our little basket which is Demon in the Dark! Perfect for the upcoming Halloween season! Don't you think!?!


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Date Night!

So, I haven't written on this blog in a while, but I am going to try my best to be good and stay on top of things because I love to write. :) Anyways...My hubby and I finally had a date night tonight which is kind of rare for us since we both work night jobs. He is a bartender/manager and I help run a karaoke business. Our schedules completely collide. So when we have the chance to have a date night we jump on it. First off we went to The Olive Garden. Now...Why would a girl on The Atkin's diet even attempt to step foot in a place full of pasta right? lol! I was actually really surprised at a dish the kitchen came up with. I got these little steak medallions that were supposed to go over fettuccine with alfredo sauce and the cook used sliced zucchini instead of the pasta. It was sooooo good! We went to the movies and saw "The Last Exorcism" which was a big let down. I LOVE scary movies and the ending to this one was just completely lame. If you've seen it, You know exactly what I'm talking about.

Speaking of The Atkin's diet, I have lost about 12-13lbs in a little over a month now. Being that I've felt a little tempted by food and kind of cheating here and there, I bought The Atkins book today. So, I have decided to start reading it and get back on the wagon by Monday. I haven't fallen completely off the diet, but I find myself picking at foods that I shouldn't be here and there. I just needed some inspiration. I am not pushing this diet in any way and I don't recommend it if you're under the age of 18. I have to lose weight for health reasons and to get back into my weight range. After trying several diets and suggestions from my doctor, I found that this is what has worked best for me. I was about 20lbs over my weight range which literally happened in a matter of 2-3 months. I am used to being very petite and my joints aren't used to the stress that the excess weight has put them through. Poor little! I will keep you all posted on everything and I am hoping to get my workouts going this next week. Love you all!