Friday, March 12, 2010

Project 10 Pan and my little project!

So....being new to the whole Youtube beauty community I've been watching several videos and catching up with the lingo and current projects that are circulating. I found one of the projects "Project 10 Pan" to be really cool. Times are tough and with this economy we shouldn't be spending money frivolously on a bunch of items that we don't need. Project 10 Pan was I believe created by a youtuber (Lolipop26) however...I heard of a different project from Allthatglitters21. I love her and and her sister Blair. Too cute! Anyhow....she kind of did her own little spin on the project. Ok ok...what is Project 10 pan right??? lol! It's where you gather 10...YES just 10 of your make-up products besides the usual everyday stuff and use it ALL up (meaning you hit pan) before you spend anymore money on new items. Kind of a good idea huh? Well...I don't know if I'm that willing to use only 10 products for that long because I love to change my look so much. I figured I would put MY OWN little spin on this and start small. (I'm weak...I know! lol!)
I don't know about the rest of you guys and gals out there, but I have a vanity full of perfumes, body sprays, body washes, and creams. After my showers I moisturize when I can remember and I ran across this Bath and Body works cream that I had totally forgotten about. It looked like it been used once! I used it today and remembered why I bought this. It smells so delicious and crisp! The scent is white citrus. YUM! Anyways...this brings me to my next point. Sometimes we forget all the wonderful things that we have already purchased and get caught up in all the new stuff that is coming out which is the entire point of project 10 pan. We need to use what we've already bought so we don't have a collection of make-up that will either rot, never get used, was an impulse buy, or will end up looking like everything else in our drawers. (Similiar colors) So...since I decided to start small I decided that I would have to use at least 2 body moisturizers before I can purchase anymore. Then of course I will move on to body sprays, perfumes and all that other good stuff. Hey...A beauty junkie's gotta start somewhere right? Haha! So...when I move on I'll let you guys know so we can continue our journey together. This is a great way to save money, re shop what you already have, and of course get rid of some of that beauty clutter that all of us shop-a-holics/beauty junkies have lying around! Let me know what you guys choose to do!

I am going to use my Bath & Body Works White Citrus body moisturizer and my Victoria's Secret Dream Angels body cream in Heavenly!

PS...Don't forget to dig up those old Christmas/Birthday shower sets! lol!

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