Monday, March 8, 2010

How to try products out for less!

Hey Everyone! So today I was at my local grocery store and as usual I always browse through the beauty section. ;) Sometimes it amazes me how expensive hair products can be! I have seen 30 and even 40 dollar bottles of shampoos! That is crazy talk to me. I was scanning the hair products I found a section that had tons of travel sized bottles. I began to look through the baskets and found some awesome little shampoos, pomades, hairsprays etc from .50 cents to 1.50. I read the bottles and decided to purchase a couple of these little suckers to try them out. As I walked farther down the isle I found those same brands in the full sized bottles and containers and began to look at the prices. These items (full sized) were 12.00 to 20.00. Wow! Not only that, but I went over to the travel isle (which most drugstores have) and began to look at the items there. These were less exclusive brands and of course it included face wash, body wash, shampoos,hairsprays, facial wipes for removing make-up etc. We all know that this isle can range from .50 cents to about 5.00. This got me to thinking.

A lot of times we see high end products and even drug store products and wonder what the big deal is. Why is this product so great? Why is it so high in price? It must work miracles! Then...we all fall into that, what I like to call, High End Product Fever!!! We must have it! If it is that high in price it must work. Right? Well, sometimes we go out of our ways and off of our budgets to be highly disappointed. So, now I get to try all these drugstore and high end products for less then 1.50 and decide if I like it or not! Wow! What a deal! If it works miracles then of course I might go out of my way to make that product a staple in my beauty regimen. If not...then I will NOT have to feel GUILTY for spending so much money on something that did nothing for me. All of our bodies and body chemistry are different. Sometimes things that are raved about just will not work for us due to the simple fact that it may not work with our body chemistry.

So....from now on be sure to visit your travel isles because there really are some great finds. I even found Biosilk conditioner for 50 cents! You never know what little treasures are hiding in all those little baskets and you get to try them out without breaking your pocket books! Good luck and happy hunting!

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  1. ooo ooo i found this aisle a few days ago, too! great idea!! Unfortunately for me, the biosilk conditioner and shampoo do nothing for my hair :( it actually leaves it kinda dry and when i try and brush my hair it tangles a lot easier bleh! maybe it could be cause I have bleached hair?? I'm not sure. i do love the serum though.. that i am always faithful to hehe