Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hello...My name is Hayley and I'm a make-up addict

Ugh! Ok guys...I think I seriously have a problem. I have going nuts buying cosmetics, make-up, new stuff that I see like crazy!!! What's a girl to do right? I am drawn in by the lovely bright colors, smooth textures, and glittery items that sit on cosmetics shelves. I can't help myself. But, this is getting out of hand. I can not walk into my local grocery store without walking out with some sort of beauty item. I am starting to make excuses for my bad behaivor. EX:'s only 99 cents. I think I lost the other one. (Then stumble across 4 of that same item I JUST bought!) But, it's brand new...I have to try it. The truth is...I don't have to try it! When I have drawers, caboodles, and training cases stuffed with make-up, I really don't NEED it. So, A couple of blogs ago I had said I was going to "think" about starting Project 10 Pan. ( Read other blog to know what this is.) I started a little project with my body moisturizers and so far so good. I'm more than half way done with 2 of them! Yay! Go me! Anyways...I am going to follow some of the other Youtube beauty gurus and jump on the band wagon of P10P. This means I can not buy any make-up until I have completely finished 10 cosmetic items! This is going to be insanly hard for me. The only thing I'll allow myself to buy are my staple items such as: Facial moisturizer ( If there isn't samples and such lying around), foundation, mascara, and face wash. I will try my best not to crack. I am going to dig out all the trial size stuff I have so I will use that up as well. I will count these items as well as part of my P10P.
I mean...I go out and get these free gifts with products in there to try and what have I done? I've left them lonely and sad with nary a brush to them or a finger in their little pots. :( Sad little products. So...If you want to join me on this little project along with several other youtubers I will welcome you with open arms! I will post pics and blogs to update you guys on my progress! Wish me luck and pray that I don't crack. :)

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