Friday, February 19, 2010

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I find inspiration in a lot of things. To many people I am a crazy and loud entertainer. They don't know the many corners of my mind which can be hard sometimes. In reality, I am a full on day dreamer. I will always be the little girl with big glasses....a nerd at heart if you will. Growing up, my neighborhood was full of imagination. We did things from neighborhood plays that we produced ourselves and found costumes for. We would sit on the street and learn songs. We would all play with make-up and do art projects. There are a lot of interests that I have including make-up that I have put on the back burner due to singing and music. My new years resolution was to tap into all these interests and get the ball rolling. I have always wanted to try photography. I've wanted to try it on random objects and nature. I want to write a couple of books. I want to learn more about make-up. I want to learn to sew....(not to design, but so I can fix my stuff when I need All of these things inspire me to want to be a better person and to gain knowledge in my life. Everybody likes to be good at something. We just need to be inspired and stick our selves out there and do it. My point is: I got asked by my husband if I was "prepared" to make videos. I told him, "Of course. I know I'm going to have haters or people who leave me mean and rude comments. But...I've been singing for so long and have had people judge me right to my face." I am inspired by beauty and make-up and always have been so I can't sit here and hide behind an interest and let my knowledge rot. Whether or not people like me is not an interest of mine. I just want to share my knowledge and have fun with this.

So...with inspiration in mind. I find make-up look inspirations from random things. It can be from a shirt, jewelry, a phone case etc. I figure if the colors go well together on the item and I like the way it looks...why not try to imitate it through make-up. The fun thing about make-up is it's your very own art. So....Try something new! If you like the way something looks on an item and feel it would make a great make-up look...Try it! Be daring and don't care what anyone thinks of you. The key to rocking make-up that's unusual is to be confident. Confidence shines through anything. If you feel that something inspires you go for it no matter what anyone else thinks or hates about it. I hope everyone likes my videos that I'll be posting very soon! I'm still looking for some more inspiration. So...leave comments about what kind of look you'd like for me to do!

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