Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sephora Inspired Brush and Pencil holder!

Hola friends! So...we've all seen those lovely little brush holders that they have at Sephora. I decided to make a couple because I have so many brushes that are piled away in cosmetic bags and fold up brush bags. It's kind of hard to see them all and dig through them to look for what you need. So...Here's a fast, easy, and cheap way to make your own Sephora inspired brush holders at home!

*Money saving tip: Look at your local dollar store, garage sale, or flea markets for unique and cheap glass or plastic containers!

*Funky Flair: Make it your own by adding paint or rhinestones to the container!

P.S. Don't mind all that junk on my dresser! I'm organizing all my make-up as we speak! lol!

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