Monday, February 15, 2010

Loose powder is dangerous???

How many of us use loose powder to set foundations? How many of us use mineral powders because the commercials say they're so great you can sleep in them? A lot of us! I have used loose powder for years to set foundation or to even out skin tone in a pinch. Although mineral make-up doesn't do well on me, it does however look gorgeous on other people. So...why am I talking about loose powders? Because I was watching Dr. Oz the other day and came across some disturbing news. He had a segment on his show that talked specifically about loose powders. Crazy...I know! He considered it to be the most DANGEROUS item in a woman's make-up collection. New studies now show that while we apply these to our face we breathe in those little tiny particles of powder and they are scarring our lungs! Who would've thunk it? When we use a powder brush to apply the product we create a mist or cloud of powder in the air that we then inhale while either swiping it on our face or while gathering powder onto our brush. While I can't say that I will boycott loose powders all together I will definitely be more cautious while applying it. Use a sponge and press it into the skin rather than swiping it across the face or switch to pressed powder to be on the safe side. The key NOT create a cloud of powder. :)

Here is the link to doctor Oz's beauty cheat sheet.

Be careful with those loose powders and pigments! Peace and love! <3

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