Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It doesn't have to be expensive to look good!

Today I had a gig (singing) and I went to pick something up at a friends house. He is a MAC fanatic (as a lot of us are) and immediately asked if I was wearing a look by MAC. When my answer was "NO" he seemed a little shocked. I was wearing a very vivid green and blue combo of eyeshadows and I was rocking my brand new Lady Gaga Lipstick. Oh....did I mention I was wearing my beautiful baby pink Lady Gaga lipstick? Haha! Kidding...but it is beautiful. Anyways...back to the point. The eyeshadows I was wearing were from a Cover Girl quad that my lovely friend Eliza got for me. He was shocked because when you see beautiful pigment on somebody's eyes your mind automatically thinks, "Expensive or cosmetics counter." It's all in the way you apply your eyeshadow that can make it look good. There's eye primers out there that make them last, eye primers that make them look more vibrant, and of course you have your handy dandy brushes that make the application smoother. Now...Once I can get a camera rolling I can talk about some of these things and even show you how to make an eye primer when you're short on cash. So...What did we learn today? Just because a product is NOT at a cosmetics doesn't mean it's going to look cheap on your face. Scour your drugstores and learn what quality eyeshadows should look like. Learn about color payoff. I bought an entire eyeshadow pallet during the holidays for 8 dollars and it has the most beautiful colors with excellent color payoff! Don't judge your make up by it's price. Also...Do know that just because a product IS at a cosmetics counter doesn't mean it's the best either. Educate yourself on quality items. If you don't have the cash to afford 14 dollar eyeshadows then DON'T BUY THEM! There's no sense in breaking the bank when you can find something just as fabulous for less money.

Here is an example:

I know the left photo is a bit small. But...these two colors are very similar in color and texture. EXCEPT one costs about 5 dollars and the other costs about 15. They can both wear the same with right eyelid prepping and this is obviously not a color that you would wear everyday so you might want to save those 10 bucks and buy a product that you will use everyday! Can you guess which eyeshadow is the more expensive one?

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  1. aww lovie ur doing such a great job with this whole blog thing! there are no videos yet, but you already have me captivated! haha im guessing the right one is the more expensive?? when do we get the answer?