Saturday, February 13, 2010

How can you possibly blend all the colors of the world?

By using make-up! I first fell in love with make-up when I was a little girl. I would ask my mother to give me a kiss just so I could get some of the lipstick off of her lips and onto mine. I was fascinated with all the baskets of beauty products she had in her restroom cabinets and I couldn't wait until I was old enough to wear it myself. Finally in jr. high I came home from a slumber party doused in heavy foundation, lipstick, name it I was wearing it. She then told me I could wear make-up, but it had to be light. She took me and bought me a make-up holder (which I still have and use for my nail polishes) and let me choose a lipstick, clear mascara, and a few other items. These were my beloved items that finally brought me into the beginning of woman hood! :) I got into so much trouble for coming home with tons of eyeliner, dark lipsticks, brown lipliner etc. Through all those mistakes and lots of time I finally got the correct way to apply make-up without looking like a hoodlum. Haha!

Move forward to age 19 where I thought I had it right as far as cosmetics were concerned, and take me to one of my other passions...singing! I got hired at a club inside of a club! Wierd huh? I worked at a club called Graham Central Station. It had 7 different clubs under 1 roof! I got hired as an Alleycat (hence the name) which is an entertainer in a karaoke club. Now...during this time this club had become the number 1 Graham Central Station out of all the GCS's through-out the nation, the number 1 chain club in the US, and the number 1 club in Texas. Talk about pressure! These guys and girls were something else. They were all so talented. I was told that I needed to be sexier. This meant NO PONYTAILS, darker make-up because the stage lights wash you out, and clothes that you could only get away with on stage! ;) I learned an entire new way of applying make-up to fit my "sexier" image. It had to make me look fabulous for about 8 hours a night without melting off or making me looked washed out. This is where I learned about contouring, highlighting, and all these other wonderful techniques I picked up along the way. I learned how to look slimmer in photos and fierce in front of the camera. I call my alter ego Miss Cherie. She's a totally different side of me that only comes out to play when the stage lights are on, the camera is flashing, and the music is bumping. The beauty of Miss Cherie is that I can change her up whenever I want to! I did some local modeling and sang at GCS until the stage lights were turned off for good. I will share tons of products I've come across that have worked well, crappy ones that aren't worth the buy, techniques I've learned, and answers to all the questions I've gotten over the years. I've learned tons about hair and skin care along with several other things. I've also learned about awesome make-up products that won't break your budget! The beauty of make-up is that it can bring out your best features and different sides of your personality. Before I get any flack I AM NOT a professional make-up artist I am just a girl who wants to share my love for cosmetics and helpful tips. Feel free to leave comments! :)

Peace and Love <3