Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Got my camera!

Yay! I got my camera today! I will hopefully be able to upload my first video this next week. The first one might be a quickie, but I have an awesome Mardi Gras look that's inspired by a celeb. I won't say who yet...because I have to keep you all on your toes! :)

Now...on to the answer to yesterdays little quiz question. The left eyeshadow was less expensive item. It's a matte eyeshadow by Revlon in Venetian Blue! As soon as I spotted this item I couldn't help but think, "MAC Electric Eel." That is the color that was on the right side. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE MAC products, but sometimes when we're low on cash (which happens to almost everybody) and pass by that lovely little counter we can't help but feel a little tug at our pocket books because those beautiful colors can be so tempting! If you have the cash then by all means, hook yourself up! We all know that MAC items are top of line, last a long time, and are super pigmented. But, understand that if you can't afford that lovely eyeshadow you've been eyeing there might be an awesome dupe out there for it. It just takes some time to look for it.

*Note: Before I get anybody saying that I am discouraging the purchase of cosmetic counter items...NOT TRUE! I own tons of cosmetic counter items. I am only encouraging smart thinking while shopping for your make-up. There are great finds everywhere! ;)

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