Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quick, Easy, and Fast Spring Break Make-up!

Spring Break is right around the corner! So....I decided to show you a guys a quick, easy, and fast smoky eye for your nights out at spring break! In my video...My lips look red! I just noticed how red my lips are coming off on camera. The color "Purr" that I used by Mac is NOT red it's actually a peachy pinky nude color. My natural lips are what's red. Haha!'s super fast spring break make-up that can go with any skin tone. :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just incase you didn't already know....

I shop at Sephora pretty frequently and until this last visit I had never been offered a Sephora Beauty Insider's card. So...When I asked what the card was I was super surprised and dissappointed that I had not recieved one before. Everytime you shop they swipe your little card. Every dollar equals 1 point. Once you get to 100 points or spend 100 dollars you get to choose I think 1 or 2 trial size samples of new items that are out. Not only that, but you also get to go in and redeem a birthday gift. Lucky me! My birthday is on friday! :)

So...I went in today to redeem my little birthday gift. They gave me a little box with 3 items in it. It came with a Sephora brand eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. Pretty cool huh? So...Don't get locked out of that point system if you shop at Sephora. If you don't have a card make sure and ask for one. Tell them your friend Hayley told you about it! Geez....I would've had a ton of points by now. A little dissapointing but least I have it now. :) Peace and Love!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spider veins, Pale legs or Stretch Marks???

I have the "never want to show my legs" syndrome! I have SUPER white legs. They are so white that when I wore capris in high school once I got called out while buying a soda. I'm not talking called out like..."Hey girl. Those legs are pretty white." I'm talking a dude yelling at the top of his lungs..."Dammmmnnnn! You are super white Hayley! You're legs are like paper white!" Ok...Tramatized much! So, When I started getting on the stage and got over the tanning beds after looking like a lobster several times, I ran into this product. It was new at the time (4 yrs ago) and I've been using it ever since. It's like panty hose in a bottle! It makes your legs feel smoother after you apply it. It covers spider veins (which I have), stretch marks, and can even make your legs look nice and golden! They have different colors of this product and I LOVE it! Want to know what it is? Click below! Peace and LOVE!

PS...My contour video got erased. I also got another tag! Yippee! I love doing tag videos!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Hello friends! So...I got tagged to do a video about my 8 most worn things. I LOVED doing this video becasue I love to answer questions. I feel like answering questions lets people get to know a little bit more about you. So...Check out my video!

Haha! Oh...and my bangs are growing out and driving me NUTS so I kept messing with them in the video...Haha!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My skin care routine and product reviews!

Hey everyone! So...I have tried A LOT of face washes, skin creams, make-up removers etc. I've tried Neutrogena, Biore, Tommy Hilfiger, Estee Lauder, MAC, Clean and Clear, Mary Kay, Avon, you get the picture! I NEVER wear my make-up to bed EVER EVER EVER! I wash my face twice a day and give myself a good at home facial when I feel it's needed. The key to getting your skin looking healthy and clear is to find products that work extremely well for you! Most of the products I will mention in the video are pretty much usable on everybody.

*Something I forgot to mention in the video. If you use Biore nose careful! When you pull it off don't pull it off like you're waxing your nose. LOL! I did that once and ended up with a bruise on my nose bone!

P.S. I got TAGGED! Woohoo! I'll be posting a video soon of my 8 most worn items!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sephora Inspired Brush and Pencil holder!

Hola friends! So...we've all seen those lovely little brush holders that they have at Sephora. I decided to make a couple because I have so many brushes that are piled away in cosmetic bags and fold up brush bags. It's kind of hard to see them all and dig through them to look for what you need. So...Here's a fast, easy, and cheap way to make your own Sephora inspired brush holders at home!

*Money saving tip: Look at your local dollar store, garage sale, or flea markets for unique and cheap glass or plastic containers!

*Funky Flair: Make it your own by adding paint or rhinestones to the container!

P.S. Don't mind all that junk on my dresser! I'm organizing all my make-up as we speak! lol!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I find inspiration in a lot of things. To many people I am a crazy and loud entertainer. They don't know the many corners of my mind which can be hard sometimes. In reality, I am a full on day dreamer. I will always be the little girl with big glasses....a nerd at heart if you will. Growing up, my neighborhood was full of imagination. We did things from neighborhood plays that we produced ourselves and found costumes for. We would sit on the street and learn songs. We would all play with make-up and do art projects. There are a lot of interests that I have including make-up that I have put on the back burner due to singing and music. My new years resolution was to tap into all these interests and get the ball rolling. I have always wanted to try photography. I've wanted to try it on random objects and nature. I want to write a couple of books. I want to learn more about make-up. I want to learn to sew....(not to design, but so I can fix my stuff when I need All of these things inspire me to want to be a better person and to gain knowledge in my life. Everybody likes to be good at something. We just need to be inspired and stick our selves out there and do it. My point is: I got asked by my husband if I was "prepared" to make videos. I told him, "Of course. I know I'm going to have haters or people who leave me mean and rude comments. But...I've been singing for so long and have had people judge me right to my face." I am inspired by beauty and make-up and always have been so I can't sit here and hide behind an interest and let my knowledge rot. Whether or not people like me is not an interest of mine. I just want to share my knowledge and have fun with this.

So...with inspiration in mind. I find make-up look inspirations from random things. It can be from a shirt, jewelry, a phone case etc. I figure if the colors go well together on the item and I like the way it looks...why not try to imitate it through make-up. The fun thing about make-up is it's your very own art. So....Try something new! If you like the way something looks on an item and feel it would make a great make-up look...Try it! Be daring and don't care what anyone thinks of you. The key to rocking make-up that's unusual is to be confident. Confidence shines through anything. If you feel that something inspires you go for it no matter what anyone else thinks or hates about it. I hope everyone likes my videos that I'll be posting very soon! I'm still looking for some more inspiration. So...leave comments about what kind of look you'd like for me to do!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Got my camera!

Yay! I got my camera today! I will hopefully be able to upload my first video this next week. The first one might be a quickie, but I have an awesome Mardi Gras look that's inspired by a celeb. I won't say who yet...because I have to keep you all on your toes! :)

Now...on to the answer to yesterdays little quiz question. The left eyeshadow was less expensive item. It's a matte eyeshadow by Revlon in Venetian Blue! As soon as I spotted this item I couldn't help but think, "MAC Electric Eel." That is the color that was on the right side. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE MAC products, but sometimes when we're low on cash (which happens to almost everybody) and pass by that lovely little counter we can't help but feel a little tug at our pocket books because those beautiful colors can be so tempting! If you have the cash then by all means, hook yourself up! We all know that MAC items are top of line, last a long time, and are super pigmented. But, understand that if you can't afford that lovely eyeshadow you've been eyeing there might be an awesome dupe out there for it. It just takes some time to look for it.

*Note: Before I get anybody saying that I am discouraging the purchase of cosmetic counter items...NOT TRUE! I own tons of cosmetic counter items. I am only encouraging smart thinking while shopping for your make-up. There are great finds everywhere! ;)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It doesn't have to be expensive to look good!

Today I had a gig (singing) and I went to pick something up at a friends house. He is a MAC fanatic (as a lot of us are) and immediately asked if I was wearing a look by MAC. When my answer was "NO" he seemed a little shocked. I was wearing a very vivid green and blue combo of eyeshadows and I was rocking my brand new Lady Gaga Lipstick. Oh....did I mention I was wearing my beautiful baby pink Lady Gaga lipstick? Haha! Kidding...but it is beautiful. Anyways...back to the point. The eyeshadows I was wearing were from a Cover Girl quad that my lovely friend Eliza got for me. He was shocked because when you see beautiful pigment on somebody's eyes your mind automatically thinks, "Expensive or cosmetics counter." It's all in the way you apply your eyeshadow that can make it look good. There's eye primers out there that make them last, eye primers that make them look more vibrant, and of course you have your handy dandy brushes that make the application smoother. Now...Once I can get a camera rolling I can talk about some of these things and even show you how to make an eye primer when you're short on cash. So...What did we learn today? Just because a product is NOT at a cosmetics doesn't mean it's going to look cheap on your face. Scour your drugstores and learn what quality eyeshadows should look like. Learn about color payoff. I bought an entire eyeshadow pallet during the holidays for 8 dollars and it has the most beautiful colors with excellent color payoff! Don't judge your make up by it's price. Also...Do know that just because a product IS at a cosmetics counter doesn't mean it's the best either. Educate yourself on quality items. If you don't have the cash to afford 14 dollar eyeshadows then DON'T BUY THEM! There's no sense in breaking the bank when you can find something just as fabulous for less money.

Here is an example:

I know the left photo is a bit small. But...these two colors are very similar in color and texture. EXCEPT one costs about 5 dollars and the other costs about 15. They can both wear the same with right eyelid prepping and this is obviously not a color that you would wear everyday so you might want to save those 10 bucks and buy a product that you will use everyday! Can you guess which eyeshadow is the more expensive one?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Loose powder is dangerous???

How many of us use loose powder to set foundations? How many of us use mineral powders because the commercials say they're so great you can sleep in them? A lot of us! I have used loose powder for years to set foundation or to even out skin tone in a pinch. Although mineral make-up doesn't do well on me, it does however look gorgeous on other people. So...why am I talking about loose powders? Because I was watching Dr. Oz the other day and came across some disturbing news. He had a segment on his show that talked specifically about loose powders. Crazy...I know! He considered it to be the most DANGEROUS item in a woman's make-up collection. New studies now show that while we apply these to our face we breathe in those little tiny particles of powder and they are scarring our lungs! Who would've thunk it? When we use a powder brush to apply the product we create a mist or cloud of powder in the air that we then inhale while either swiping it on our face or while gathering powder onto our brush. While I can't say that I will boycott loose powders all together I will definitely be more cautious while applying it. Use a sponge and press it into the skin rather than swiping it across the face or switch to pressed powder to be on the safe side. The key NOT create a cloud of powder. :)

Here is the link to doctor Oz's beauty cheat sheet.

Be careful with those loose powders and pigments! Peace and love! <3

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ask me anything!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! To make it easier for you all to ask me questions I have another site where you can ask me anything! The questions will be anonymous and it's super simple to use. You don't need to register to ask me questions either. All you do is type it into the little box and send it in. Check back later on for the answer!

Have a great day! Peace and Love! <3

Suggestions are always needed!

I have so much in mind that I want to share with you all! Want to learn how to do an awesome smokey eye using only 2 eyeshadows? Want to know how to do different hairstyles using one tool? You'll be able to downsize your hair tool bag to just a few things. I'm going to teach you all how to save money and through my own personal testing these products will do the best job. I think it's a waste of money when you buy a product no matter how much it costs and it doesn't work the way you want it to. I have tried so many things from skin care, haircare, cosmetics, etc to find some of the best products at a bargain. I've bought high end products all the way down to dollar store items and you'll be surprised at what does the job. Let me know what you're interested in learning about so I can take all these ideas into consideration! Like I've said before, I'm working on getting an awesome camera so I can start video tutorials. Until then I will post blogs and pictures. Hopefully by the beginning of march I will find a camera that I love! Yep...that's me...Mrs. Picky! Peace and Love!

PS...These are some pictures that I took tonight through my cell phone of a friend of mine. We were playing around with some makeup. This is a look that would be perfect for the stage. It's uber dramatic and the highlighting will look fabulous under camera lights or stage lights! You can also use this look out at a club with dark lights. *This look would not look good under florescent lights or for daytime wear.

Some of the products used were:
Mac Paint Pot-Delft
Mac shadow- Plumage
Mac shadow-Carbon
Mac mineralize eyeshadow-Brightside
Mac liquid liner-black
Mac pencil-Black russian
Other colors from the Mac Black Collection!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

How can you possibly blend all the colors of the world?

By using make-up! I first fell in love with make-up when I was a little girl. I would ask my mother to give me a kiss just so I could get some of the lipstick off of her lips and onto mine. I was fascinated with all the baskets of beauty products she had in her restroom cabinets and I couldn't wait until I was old enough to wear it myself. Finally in jr. high I came home from a slumber party doused in heavy foundation, lipstick, name it I was wearing it. She then told me I could wear make-up, but it had to be light. She took me and bought me a make-up holder (which I still have and use for my nail polishes) and let me choose a lipstick, clear mascara, and a few other items. These were my beloved items that finally brought me into the beginning of woman hood! :) I got into so much trouble for coming home with tons of eyeliner, dark lipsticks, brown lipliner etc. Through all those mistakes and lots of time I finally got the correct way to apply make-up without looking like a hoodlum. Haha!

Move forward to age 19 where I thought I had it right as far as cosmetics were concerned, and take me to one of my other passions...singing! I got hired at a club inside of a club! Wierd huh? I worked at a club called Graham Central Station. It had 7 different clubs under 1 roof! I got hired as an Alleycat (hence the name) which is an entertainer in a karaoke club. Now...during this time this club had become the number 1 Graham Central Station out of all the GCS's through-out the nation, the number 1 chain club in the US, and the number 1 club in Texas. Talk about pressure! These guys and girls were something else. They were all so talented. I was told that I needed to be sexier. This meant NO PONYTAILS, darker make-up because the stage lights wash you out, and clothes that you could only get away with on stage! ;) I learned an entire new way of applying make-up to fit my "sexier" image. It had to make me look fabulous for about 8 hours a night without melting off or making me looked washed out. This is where I learned about contouring, highlighting, and all these other wonderful techniques I picked up along the way. I learned how to look slimmer in photos and fierce in front of the camera. I call my alter ego Miss Cherie. She's a totally different side of me that only comes out to play when the stage lights are on, the camera is flashing, and the music is bumping. The beauty of Miss Cherie is that I can change her up whenever I want to! I did some local modeling and sang at GCS until the stage lights were turned off for good. I will share tons of products I've come across that have worked well, crappy ones that aren't worth the buy, techniques I've learned, and answers to all the questions I've gotten over the years. I've learned tons about hair and skin care along with several other things. I've also learned about awesome make-up products that won't break your budget! The beauty of make-up is that it can bring out your best features and different sides of your personality. Before I get any flack I AM NOT a professional make-up artist I am just a girl who wants to share my love for cosmetics and helpful tips. Feel free to leave comments! :)

Peace and Love <3